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Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open?
Members have 24/7 access 
In Warren,Open studio times are:
Thursday 6-9pm
Friday 12-3pm
Sunday 1-4pm
In Pawtucket,Open studio times are:
Thursday 11-2pm
Friday 6-9pm
Sunday 5-8pm
In Wareham, Open studio times are:

What should I bring to class?
We have all the clay, tools and equipment you'll need for your class. You are welcome to bring your own apron and/or towel for your lap. But please take it with you each week as we do not have storage space for such items.

How much clay comes with a class?
Students are allowed a 25lb bag of clay to use during any 6-week class. More clay is not allowed due to limited storage, but a student may purchase a 4-visit pass after Their class session has ended to continue working.

Are open studios included with my class?
Yes! Each 6-week class includes 4 visits to open studio times. You'll use class clay, so please do not over-produce and use up all the clay.


Can I ask questions during open studio?
Open studios are intended for independent work. However, there will be a studio monitor present to help with tips, pointers and help finding materials. 

Can I bring my friends in with me?
Yes, as long as everyone has paid for class or open studio pass. 4 visit passes can be split between friends: 1 person can come 4 times, 4 people can come once, and so on.

How much can I make during open studios?
Open studios passes include 4 visits during open studio hours, 25lbs of clay, glazes and firings. If you need more clay during your 4 visits, it can be purchased by the pound.

How can I become a member?
Sign up online! Include any notes about classes you have taken and make sure to name your instructor.  We have a waiting list to join and you'll be contacted when we have a spot for you. You can expect to wait at least 2 months.

It turns out that a class doesn't agree with me due to health issues

or scheduling conflicts. Can I get a refund? 
Unfortunately,  once class has begun, I can not fill your spot, so there will be no refund. If you can give us at least 2 weeks notice before class starts, we will be happy to give you a full refund. 

How long will you keep my work after class is over?
One month from the last day of your session. We usually have everything fired within a week or two, so plan to pick up your work during open studio hours on week 3 or 4. We can not keep your work much longer as we use the same shelving for the next class.

Can I just pop in at any time to pick up my work?
No, you can stop by during open studio hours only to pick up your work. Although you may notice some members at the studio during non-open times they do not work for Mudstone. Please do not bang on the doors or windows until someone opens the door, we are not open except during those open studio times.

Why aren't you open more often?
Our studio balances open times with class times and allowing 24/7 access to private members. The short open schedule allows time for all these things.

Do your members sell their work?
Yes, many of them do! If you are interested in a particular artist, we'll be happy to connect the two of you for purchase. We also have a few studio events during the year as well as local artist co-ops and art sales that some of our members show at. We share those on our social media platforms.

I didn't finish glazing during my class, can I come to an extra open studio to complete?
Yes, as long as you can get the rest done during an open studio soon, we will allow this.

I'm new to clay, are your classes Beginner friendly?
Yes most classes are formatted for beginners, yet can be flexible for those with more experience.  Those classes that require more experience are listed as such.

Don't see an answer to your question? Reach out here!

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